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Live communication events for the ceramic industry

Live and experiential events are part of every brand’s marketing plan. These occasions are key to bring brands and clients together making them protagonists of a unique experience. There are several event formats and services we can provide to the ceramic industry. Here are collected some of the best ones.

Exhibition stands

Exhibitions like Cersaie and Cevisama are important occasions for the ceramic industry’s companies.

We help brands stand out providing them with a custom-made exhibition stand. Our team includes designers and architects committed to fulfill the brand’s wish to get noticed and convey values and messages that identify them.

Starting from a quick briefing with the brand, we create a 3D prototype of the exhibition stand that is immediately shared and discussed together. We design every space needed for the stand taking care of the smallest detail: the utility area, the display area, reception and lounge area.

Adesital Exhibition stand

Virtual Exhibition Stands

Virtual stand development begins with the study of a concept and a design tailored to the company. We aim to highlight the brand’s characteristics, image and values by creating a 3D environment that ic accessible to clients, prospects and all the stakeholders. The company is always included in all the most important decisions regarding layout, mood, spaces and furnishings.

With virtual stand design, the possibilities are almost endless. We can create a mini-website with images and videos from each area of the stand, or immerse customers in a virtual tour that they can navigate as Google Street View. Inside the stand it will be possible to rotate and zoom the contents to observe of every detail. The visit interactive, fun and engaging, also, the stand will always be open and available online.

Virtual exhibition stands

Exhibition's side events

International ceramic exhibitions are huge events. Brands can take advantage of these events to offer their clients, distributors and prospects, from all over the world, some unique experience. Planning side events such as meetings, dinners, tours is a perfect idea to have direct contact with them.

We have turn-key live communication solutions to cover every aspect of event planning: shuttle bus and client transportation, exclusive and unique dinner locations, modern factory tour itineraries that your guests will love.

Cersaie Award Ceremony

Factory tours

A factory tour is a fun and dynamic experience, it is perfect to capture the attention of clients, distributors or prospects. We can take care of designing custom-made signage and also planning an on-site product demonstration. Factory tours are a great introduction to major corporate events and experiences that take place in the headquarters.

Taking care of welcoming guests properly and making them feel at home is key for success. That’s why it is important to plan a buffet or a cocktail area, maybe even set up a lounge area just for the occasion.

Porcelaingres factory tour


As one of the foremost Italian event agencies specializing in client hosting in Bologna we have an extensive list of unique locations for your business meetings with distributors, sales managers or directors.

Every meeting, online or in-person, is cared for to ensure a pleasant experience for all the participants. We can develop a special schedule to add some entertainment and surprises for everyone making sure to engage people and give them breaks between a topic and another.

Gala dinners

Thanks to our location database, we can plan gala dinners in stunning venues all around Italy and Europe. Villas, castles, parks there is nothing we cannot accomplish. We’ll take care of planning the ideal event, managing the number of guests and everything that is related.

Our experience embraces even in-factory gala dinners. Designing a custom setting, it is possible to transform a factory or the headquarters into a luxury location for exclusive events with distributors, employees, clients, managers.

Smaltochimica gala dinner


Milestone anniversaries deserve to be celebrated in major events. We create custom settings and scenography to highlight the brand, its products, and its values. Together with our client we discuss the goal and mood of the event to plan a successful happening for both the brand and its guests.

We use technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, videomapping, video projecting and more to create some special moments within the party and a wow effect that surprise everyone. We plan a specific schedule to include speeches, live performances and more making the event way more dynamic and engaging.

Atlas Concorde anniversary

Product launches

The launch of a new product or of a new business unit is the ideal happening to welcome clients, prospects or distributors in an exclusive venue. Brands need an experienced partner to plan, organise and coordinate the event.

When talking about a launch event, the surprise effect is key. Our agency helps brands organise new products revelations in a spectacular way, creating something that leaves everyone speechless. Our goal is to amaze and surprise all the participants leaving them with a memorable experience.

Launch events

Event agency for the ceramic industry

Genius Progetti’s knowledge of the ceramic industry comes from 30 years of experience. Being located in the heart of the Italian ceramic district, we work with some of the leading brands of Italian ceramic creating custom-made exhibition stands and luxury events.

We take care of the entire production, planning and coordination of any special occasion managing everything from venue selection, suppliers, concept to guest welcoming and accommodation.

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