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Genius Progetti has been dealing with event production and stand design at an international level for over 25 years. Over time we have developed formats for unique events and experiences suitable for different industries.


Our 30 years of experience with the automotive industry allowed us to explore and understand it functioning and needs.  Over the years, we’ve tried and tested several event formats proven to create the traction and loyalty needed to reach any business and marketing goals. We currently work with some of the leading luxury car brands in Italy planning events all around Europe. Discover what we kinds of events and experiences we can develop for the automotive industry.

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Being located in the Italian ceramic district, we live and work close to some of the leading ceramic factories of the country. We know that live events and exhibitions are part of every brand’s marketing plan and can help them achieve their business goals by planning, organising and coordinating these occasions. There are several event formats and services we can provide to the ceramic industry like custom exhibition stand design, corporate events and meetings.

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Entrusting the planning of events and special experiences to a team of experienced professionals allows medical-pharmaceutical companies to take their event to the next level. Live events are a fundamental component for the success of a company active in the medical-pharmaceutical and medical device industries. An experience of 30 years on field has allowed us to develop specific formats suitable for the medical events and the experiences of international congresses and conferences.

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Planning events and special experiences requires the support of an experienced team. Only an event production agency can take your events to the next level. A 30-years-old experience on field has allowed us to develop specific formats suitable for the engineering companies that are looking for advanced solutions to entertain, surprise, present new products, show off their skills to clients and prospects.

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