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Live communication events for the medical industry

Live events are a necessary part of the medical industry. Often product demos, machine demos, or live workshops with medical professionals are the best way to facilitate discussion, present research or train industry professionals in new technologies. Lately, digital events have also become essential as we aim to continue to create safe social settings for meetings and conventions.The success of all these kinds of events depends on careful planning and design. Discover some of the events we develop for the medical industry.

Event planning for the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical device companies

Genius Progetti develops event solutions for all the medical-related companies operating in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical device industries.

The first step always includes a meeting and a talk with the company to dive deeply into their reality, understand their values and their goals. After that, we start planning the ideal event to reach those goals and meet those values. We are event producers meaning that we take care of transforming ideas into reality and deliver you the event when it’s ready to be enjoyed.

International product launches

Launching a new product at an international level is quite challenging. Companies need the support of a reliable partner to successfully impress their guests and make the event a satisfying experience for all the participants.

We help medical companies in the planning of international product launches offering several different proposals among live and digital events.

Launch new products in a live event

For live event product launches, we take care of finding the right location, arrange registration, transportation and welcome for all the guests. Top quality food and beverages are also an essential part of the planning.

By creating a “black box” that includes the style and mood of the event, we also can replicate the event in several different cities. It is a cost-effective solution to perform the event more than ones for more than one audience. This way the company can easily adapt the event to any location and replicate it multiple times for its clients, prospects, distributors, etc.

Product launches

Launch new products in a digital event

When planning digital launch events, we always aim to replicate the engagement and interaction you’ll get in an in-person event.

That is why we start by developing a 3D model of your product and an holographic content to support the speakers in the presentation and to allow your audience to interact with the product from home via an online platform.

Virtual and digital events are a great alternative to major in-person events, the key is in personalization and offline engagement.

For example, we encourage and can arrange the delivery of a special gift box to the guests with information materials and gadgets to enhance their sense of participation even if from home.

Digital launch events

Exhibition stand design

Most of the international medical congresses and conventions also have an exhibition area where companies and doctors or any other stakeholder can meet and get to know each other. We help brands to stand out from the crowd by providing custom-made exhibition stands.

Planned and designed by a team of professional designers and architects, our exhibition stands include display area, lounge area, cafeteria, utility area, meeting rooms and offices. We take care of the entire project also when it comes to building the stand, a couple days before the event, and dismantling it, when the exposition ends.

Virtual exhibition stand design

Virtual stand design is also part of our proposals. Thanks to the latest technologies, the possibilities are almost endless. We can create a mini-website with images and videos or immerse customers in a virtual environment just like Google Street View.

Using VR, we can bring your clients inside the stand and let them rotate and zoom the contents to observe every detail. The visit is interactive, fun and engaging, also, the stand will always be open and available online.

Virtual exhibition stands


The achievement of an important milestone, the great success of a new product or the opening of a new branch, these are just some of the occasions that deserve to be celebrated and highlighted with a formal gala event. Trust us to plan your party, a team of experienced professionals can bring your corporate event to the next level.

Corporate meetings

When it comes to meetings and presentations, we offer medical companies an entire range of options. From simulcasting events online to exclusive in-persons experiences in the european top locations. We make sure to fully understand the company’s goal for the event and create the perfect happening to accomplish it.

Our team develops the event schedule to include speeches and entertainment, networking and relaxation moments. Every detail is cared for to bring your brand and its guests together sharing a pleasant experience and making business happen.

Corporate Events

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