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Organisation of digital events for the medical industry

Organisation of digital events for the medical industry

Digital events are quickly replacing in-person events. A digital event exists online with an interactive interface that is enhanced through branding, an engaging schedule and alternatives to meeting in person such as online Q and A sessions, product demos and speakers.

Bring your medical event online!

Medical events taking place online

At a time where the world of congresses, meetings and internal product launches is quickly changing, Genius Progetti can help your company navigate the online space and make your events digital. In this era of change, the medical industry is adapting by bringing interactions online. New technologies have made it increasingly easy to reach audiences in real time no matter where they are in the world. What does this mean for your company?

It means that there is no reason to postpone or cancel the launch of a new product.

Alternatives to in-person events

As more in-person events are cancelled or delayed the industry continues to move forward making important discoveries and progressions with an even greater need to divulge information, share scientific research and align a team to a new directive. The Genius Progetti digital events services team analyses the goal and objectives of the off line event you would like to replicate online and develops a custom plan to professional transform that experience into a reserved, private event.

The key in transforming an off line interaction to an online one for an International company is to ensure the entire experience is professional, engaging, well-organized and entices participants to attend.

What digital event services does Genius Progetti offer?

Online product launches

We start by creating a 3D model of your product and develop holographic content to support your speakers and presenters in the presentation of the item.

The goal is to replicate the in-person experience with sensory support through digital imaging, allowing your audience to interact with the model from home via an online platform.

Or to simply have a model render that can be exhibited virtually while the technology is being created.

We go beyond a powerpoint presentation or inadequate videos to create an authentic 3D mapping of your medical technology so that during the online product launch it gives a “next best thing to reality” experience.

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Simulcasting events

At Genius Progetti we have partnered with the industry’s best to offer enhanced simulcasting solutions so your audience can attend workshops, meeting, speaches and presentations via any number of online channels synched simultaneously.

This is an excellent solution if your company is to forego participation at a tradeshow but requires the online support to reach a broad international audience.

Simulcasting can be one component in a digital event that expands over and entire day of programming. An online interactive calendar is created to give participants the flexibility to decide what talks they will attend and how.

Keeping in mind that most attendees will be logging in directly from their homes in their home countries and cities this flexible option allows attendees to customise their attendance based on time zone, interest and length.

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Sometimes there is no replacement for an in-person event. At Genius Progetti, we’ve developed a turn-key micro-event solution for the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors.

It replicates a mini traveling “road show” combined with low attendee event to ensure maximum health and safety measures while allowing an in-person meeting to take place.

Micro events can be stand alone one time occasions but, if they are meant to replace a trade show or exhibition attendance are more effective when repeated in a series.

Think of a traveling private exhibition where Genius Progetti takes care of logistics, location scouting and rental, hotel and accommodations for all guests, safety measure and a cost-effective presentation temporary stand.

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Realisation of digital events for the medical industry

With over 25 years of experience in event and tradeshow management Genius Progetti is the partner that can bring your company to the forefront in digital events.

We offer solutions for virtual meetings and product demos to ensure that your product launch is successful just as it would be in the annual meeting of EACTS, at MEDICA, World Forum of Medicine or at ERS International Congress..


Responsibility: why digital events make sense for the medical industry

In the era of teleconferencing and lightening speed connections there are no barriers to accessibility for an online virtual event. Governments have asked residents to stay at home, travel as little as possible and be mindfull of how and where they engage with others. Now more than ever the international medical community is needed to both cure the sick and development medical progressions.

It is rational to assume that their old way of doing business is still a responsible way? The risks of not moving your brand online are far greater than lack of sales.

We at Genius Progetti believe that the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries are ready to evolve and update the status quo of how business can and should be done to be proactively technological in replacing in-person interactions. Going online is the answer and we have the innovative solutions to get you there.

The advantages of virtual events for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries

There is no limit to how your audience can interact with your company. Computers, tablets, smartphones, and the applications and technologies they house have allowed an infinite number of touch points to disseminate information.

  • Cost of attendance: with no flight to purchase or hotel to book, attendance is cost effective for your target audience.
  • Time commitment from attendees: a two day conference can be streamed directly from home or office with travel time cut out. Recorded speaker sessions can be watched when it is convenient and live simulcasted events still create a sense of community participation.
  • Budget and organisation: budget that would have been previously allocated to guest transportation, location and meals for a larger event, can be put towards the development of 3D models, holographic speaker enhancements, entertaining video presentations and effective online branding.
  • The information “lives”: by digitising the event from the get go, all pertinent researches, technical specifications and presentations regarding a new drug or new medical equipment are already available for distribution post event. A micro website for the meeting or launch is created to house information and if your audience wasn’t able to attend the live stream they can easily watch the sessions online at a later time.
  • Q and A: an online interface can be an excellent space for your audience to receive information and ask questions relative to your products.

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