Event production plan: what is it and why is it essential for your events?

Event production plan: what is it and why is it essential for corporate events?

Event production plan: what is it and why is it essential for corporate events?

The event production plan is, comprised of the pre and post-production schedule and a detailed event timeline which helps all parties involved in coordinating the build, event itinerary and take down. It is key in avoiding problems while ensuring a smooth event run-down, keeping all vendors and the client informed.

What is an event production plan?

No complex, well-organised event happens by chance. If you have ever been involved in planning a complex event than you know that the planning phase is critical in ensuring everything goes off without a hitch.

The event production plan has the utmost importance in coordinating all the people and vendors involved in the event.

It is comprised of the pre-event production plan which coordinates the vendors for the build ensuring that city bi-laws are followed, location restrictions are avoided, and that traffic in/out restrictions for loading and unloading for the set up of all suppliers from kitchen and catering staff, electricity generators, tent or structure build-up, stage build and rigging etc are organised in a logical manner.

The event production plan also includes a detailed event run-down timeline which outlines the timings for speaches, key moments including registration, video presentations, meals and entertainment.

These documents become key in coordinating the audio and video crews, lighting designers, catering staff, front of house staff, hostesses, speakers, performers and other vendors who will be participating in the event.

Both the event production plan and event run-down become useful documents for the event coordinator, event manager, and the project manager who are responsible for managing the collaboration between all vendors.

When to create an event production plan

The creation of an event production plan is the responsibility of the agency project manager.

At Genius Progetti our project managers have the important role of coordinating all essential components and vendors involved and ensuring that problems are avoided with thorough communication, planning and transparency. We work directly with our clients to develop a complete production plan and schedule as soon as the event dates and location are confirmed.

Your corporate event should give attendees and guests the impression that everything is running like clockwork.

This well-oiled machine isn’t just luck, it is the result of integrating the needs of each vendor, deliveries of all components and the timeline of the event into a logical, well-planned and executed plan.

The production plan is shared with vendors and the client so that all parties involved have a clear outline of what is happening and when.

The event run-down acts as the primary schedule which outlines specifically what will happen during the event and creates cohesion to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Why you need an event production schedule

A corporate event often involves clients, management, distributors or prospects.

It’s the moment when a company’s brand character extends to the personal level and it is a critical way of using brand activities to increase loyalty and further the relationship with the brand.

The more complex the event the more essential it becomes to ensure that vendors are well coordinated to avoid potential problems that may result from a misunderstanding, location limitations, or space and time restrictions.

In order to function efficiently, our expert project managers know how many hours or days are sufficient for each vendor so that the plan is both realistic and practical.

We take responsibility in planning the entire production, and ensuring buy-in from all vendors as well as developing a contingency plan that saves time and money.

This critical step is by far one of the most important competencies of organising a perfect corporate event and avoiding the risks involved with poor planning. Producing an event is not a simple sum of factors, it’s the result of know-how and expertise in transforming a concept into reality and managing every component to make this happen. This is how Genius Progetti brings our client’s event concepts to reality.

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