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Event production: meaning and services

Event production: meaning and services

A lot of confusion revolves around the “event production” theme. In this article, we try to give some answers with our CEO and Art Director, Matteo Giusti.

Q: What is the meaning of event production?

A: An event production agency is a reality that, unlike a communication agency or an event organization agency, takes charge of all the technical, logistical and organizational aspects of an event. We, Genius Progetti, have at our disposal a series of partner contacts, such as catering, sound technicians, video technicians, graphic designers, security services, which allow us to organize and produce the event in its entirety and then deliver it to the client “turnkey”.

Event production services

Q: What distinguishes Genius Progetti from an event organization agency?

A: What mainly distinguishes us from an event organizer is our technical and service skills regarding food & beverage, permits, security, audio and visual management so that we can easily understand and evaluate each supplier proposal.

Q: What are the services of an event production agency?

A: Our task is to develop the concept of the event, find the best venue, manage logistics, guests welcoming and all the suppliers. We can compare an event production agency, which is Genius Progetti, to a film producer, it acts as a collector between suppliers and the client. To direct each activity there is a creative director who coordinates the entire event always respecting the concept and budget provided by the client in compliance with the artistic production. Furthermore, a new division has been active within Genius Progetti for about a year: the organizational secretary. This is the complete management of the guests on a platform of our property that allows us to organize logistics, accommodation and food needs for them.

Q: Who are the clients of an event production agency?

A: Our services are aimed primarily at companies for which we manage corporate events, such as meetings and conferences, but also celebratory events, such as anniversaries, gala dinners, private parties. Our division, Genius Eventi, deals with the organization of private events, VIP events and weddings, for which it is aimed at private clients.

The event production manager

Q: What does an event production manager do?

A: Actually, three different professional figures work within Genius Progetti. Starting from the junior profile we have the event coordinator, who keeps contacts with the various suppliers from the office, and the event manager who is also in contact with the client. Finally, the project manager, that is the client’s key account, who takes care of him for every project and event that concerns him.

Q: What are the main characteristics of a reliable event production manager?

A: Certainly among the most important features is the ability to manage the unexpected with mental lucidity and professionalism. I would also add a cool head in dealing with a situation of unexpected difficulty. Then obviously the organizational competence in the management of all the people involved in the event is fundamental.

Q: What kind of tips would you give to someone looking for the best event production agency?

A: My advice is to rely on a structured agency that has many professionals in it. I refer to employees with individual and transversal skills thanks to which it is not necessary to outsource any activity. The type of events the agency deals with in terms of budget and number of activities managed must also be considered. It is the Genius Progetti team that is our strength.

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