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Concept design and creation of a new car launch: The Exclusive Club

Concept design and creation of a new car launch: The Exclusive Club

A 5 city tour in Europe, to present and launch a new car model: London, Paris, Rome, Lausanne, Düsseldorf. This concept was created to evoke an exclusive club.

The client

Famous Italian manufacturer of sports cars that excel in innovation, technology, driving pleasure and design. Also known for its success in Formula 1.


New product launch


London, Paris, Rome, Lausanne, Düsseldorf

Event concept for the launch of a new car model

In 2017, our client wanted to create an engaging private-preview to show its latest car model organizing a 5 city world premiere launch: Rome, London, Paris, Lausanne and Düsseldorf. So, the idea was to recreate the atmosphere of an exclusive club developing a setting that was replicable in each city.

Special event production elements

This club atmosphere was envisioned as a Great Gatsby environment with a mood that conveyed the 1920’s in a modern and current vibe. At The exclusive club guests were transported to what could be New York in the 1920s of another dimension, with soft lighting, an elegant but serious surrounding filled with prestigious elements in privileged venues.

Furnishings and decor

Custom built furnishing were conceptualized and created for this event and mixed with curated designer items. Bold wall to wall carpeting, brushed gold laminate bars and custom made Italian leather couches were created to produce a unique environment.

Italian catering and buffet

The best Italian caterers were chosen along with an exceptional menu featuring custom drinks, welcome cocktail, main course and dessert buffets.

Custom car reveal show

Genius Progetti produced a 6-minute custom animation using motion-capture technology of a choreographed piece created and inspired by the characteristics of the new car model. We used 9 massive black screens synchronized with a dramatic light show and soundscape to create a unique video projection across 252 square meters.

Two cars were revealed after the video using interactive production elements. The first was revealed by opening a wall from under the DJ booth and the second was revealed by hoisting one of the service bars to the ceiling to reveal the car hidden underneath.

Advanced Technical Set-Up

Animated choreographed motion capture video created with 3D graphics, 18 full HD laser projectors, 9 custom made black screens (each 7 metres long by 4 metres high for a total of 252 square metres of projectable space), full American truss with complex rigging and multi-layer lighting system, technical backstage and tech riser areas for complete production management.

Our work for the event

The overall goal was to give the exact same experience to the 2.000 clients participating at the event in each city over a two month period (7 events in total). To do that, we created a 1.000 square metre “Black Box” production studio in each destination to replicate the same experience in each city.

  • Location: scouting, rental agreement, technical assessment, technical layout and 3-D renders;
  • Permits & Security: building permits, security plan, security on-site pre and during event, author rights, parking permits and public land permits;
  • Concept & Entertainment: launch concept “The Exclusive Club”;
  • Video Creation: creation of the choreographic piece, transposed into an animated video using motion capture technology;
  • Production and Event Run Down: curation of event run down including video, interior design, menu and product demonstrations;
  • Food & Beverage: caterer scouting, menu testing and creation, on-site full kitchen. Management of all food and beverage service including wait staff, cocktail and special dietary need requests;
  • Print Graphics: development of event logo and subsequent printed marketing and signage materials;
  • Front of House Direction & Audio/Visual Management: complete set-up of sound reinforcement system and lighting control. Our management includes multiple sound and technical checks and complete technical run-throughs including live event production management;
  • Client Hospitality: scouting and management of hosting staff, client gift creation and distribution and post-event taxi service management;
  • Set-up and take down: our competent and professional staff developed the comprehensive technical layout for this space with a 5 day build time and fast takedown post-event.

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