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Gala dinner of Marca Corona celebrating the brand history

Gala dinner of Marca Corona celebrating the brand history

An impressive gala dinner for clients and staff at the Ducal Palace of Sassuolo to celebrate the history and success of the brand Marca Corona 1741.

The client

Since 1741 Marca Corona has been producing pavements, ceramics, mosaic tiles and porcelain decorations, epitomizing the standards of excellence made in Italy. Marca Corona, the oldest ceramic company in Italy, is a part of the history of the most important and world renown industries of the country.


Gala dinner


Sassuolo, Italy

Gala dinner at Ducal Palace

Historically, Marca Corona was the principal ceramic supplier of castles and estates of the Este family, one of the most important European dynasty born in Emilia Romagna, Italy. The Ducal Palace of Sassuolo, which is one of the Este buildings, was the perfect backdrop for this event with 200 clients, executive staff and prospects.

Guests were welcomed by a majestically lit pathway that led them to the entrance of the Ducal Palace. Here they were met by an architectural video mapping performance displayed on the facade of the building.

Custom setting for a corporate event

Guests were then invited into the courtyard for a welcome cocktail open-air. There were bars, custom cocktails, full lighting, and personalized branded carpet and displays. Dinner was served in the interior Great Halls of the palace.

The interior design for the evening was entirely produced by Genius Progetti including under-lit tables with top-projected lights, floral centerpieces, fabric ceiling covers, custom gazebos and personalized emotional videos that were shown throughout the dining halls for an elegant yet professional setting.

Video mapping on the venue’s facade

To highlight the grandiose and majestic venue, Genius Progetti created a full video mapping projection on the facade of the Ducal Palace of Sassuolo. The show was set to music and interlaced with elements from the client ceramic collection displayed harmoniously with the architectural elements of the palace’s facade.

Our work for the event

The Marca Corona event was an important occasion of the company to affirm its position as industry leader, all aspects of this event were managed by Genius Progetti:

  • Location: scouting, rental agreement, technical assessment, technical layout, and 3-D renders;
  • Permits & Security: building permits, security plan, security on-site pre and during the event, author rights, parking permits and public land permits;
  • Video Creation: creation of commemorative video with montage of historic moments aligned with the company’s 4 decades of business;
  • Interior Design and Custom Features Creation: many decorative aspects were specially created for this evening including the custom interior gazebos with fabric awnings, branded carpeting with logo and other fabric and mold injected logo items such as custom bars and light fixtures;
  • Exterior Architectural Mapping and Video Creation: to highlight the extraordinary location Genius Progetti curated an architectural light-show set to music on the historic facade of the building. This was created especially for this event and location. Full video is available upon request;
  • Food & Beverage: caterer scouting, menu testing and creation, on-site full kitchen. Management of all food and beverage service including wait staff, cocktail and special dietary need requests;
  • Front of House Direction & Audio/Visual Management: complete set-up of sound reinforcement system and lighting control. Our management includes multiple sound and technical checks and complete technical run-throughs including live event production management;
  • Light Design: the lighting was extensively used to create a highly evocative environment complete with projections, underlit tables, overhead light design with a full hidden rigging system and multiple indoor and outdoor lighting set-ups;
  • Hospitality: scouting and management of hosting staff, client gift creation and distribution and post-event taxi service management;
  • Set-up and take down: our competent and professional staff developed the comprehensive technical layout for this space with short build time and fast takedown post-event.

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