The contingency plan: what it is and why it’s necessary for events

The contingency plan: what it is and why it’s necessary for corporate events

The contingency plan: what it is and why it’s necessary for corporate events

What is the most important thing to consider when planning a corporate event? The unexpected. This is what the Contingency Plan, the emergency plan, is for. In this article, we talk about it with Daniele Melegari, Project Manager of our team.

In a period of great uncertainty, the Genius Progetti team has designed an alternative for brands that want to maintain a relationship with their customers or distributors while being forced to cancel or indefinitely postpone an event. The result is IN | GENIUS , a format for hybrid digital events capable of optimizing the know-how acquired in 25 years in the field of operational marketing with solutions that best combine the aspects of online events with those of traditional events.

Contingency plan meaning

Q: What is a contingency plan?

A: The contingency plan, or more commonly known as an emergency plan, is a detailed program that every company should draw up, draft and adapt for each project or investment that it is about to tackle. There are various forms of contingency plans that adapt to the type of activity and operations in which a company is involved. Declined in the events industry is a backup plan that establishes how to deal with unforeseen events.

Contingency plan: strategies to resolve unforeseen circumstances

Q: Why do you need a contingency plan when organizing a corporate event?

A: The contingency plan is more than ever fundamental in the organization, planning and preparation of an event. In fact, we often find ourselves dealing with emergencies and unforeseen events that could create delays, problems or even damage. To mitigate the magnitude of these, here comes the contingency plan.

Q: Can you give us an example?

A: When setting up an event you have to consider possible damages to the structures due to human errors or caused by accidental events. Or it may happen that you forget or run out of a part of the materials needed for the set-up. Obviously these materials must be replaced immediately so as not to be late with the schedule. The role of the project manager is to foresee or resolve the damage that has occurred. These operations obviously involve expenses: here the fund or emergency plan takes over.

Q: How does Genius Progetti create a contingency plan for corporate events?

A: The best way to have a contingency plan suited to our needs is to collaborate with suppliers that provide, in turn, an emergency plan. So that they can guarantee valid alternatives in case of difficulties. This greatly facilitates our work and ensures us that the plan drawn up is realistic and studied based on the field experience of the companies that provide the service.


Risks to be included in the backup plan of an event

Q: What elements should be included in the contingency plan? What types of risks?

A: In planning and managing an event, the variables and potential problems are endless. It is therefore difficult to be able to indicate a particular category, but we always try to evaluate together with the customer and the supplier what are the main problems or what are the fundamental aspects for the success of the event to which to allocate most of the contingency plan. Essentially, it is necessary to draw up a list of those that are the most important aspects for the customer and provide for each of these a backup plan.

Q: Who are the people involved in the planning and execution of the plan?

A: It is usually the Project Manager who, in the review, budgeting and preparation of the operational plan, tries to estimate, with the owner’s supervision, the contingency plan. In reality it is more a process aimed at risk assessment, which must be as precise and detailed as possible in order to avoid surprises for the end customer.

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