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Live communication events for the engineering industry

Live experiences and corporate events are a necessary part of the marketing plan of any engineering company. Our agency already experienced the functioning and the needs of this industry and developed some event formats that are just right to reach the company’s goals.

Product launches

The launch or the presentation of new products is an ideal opportunity to gain attention from the public and the media. International engineering companies need to present their new products in every market they deal with, meaning it is necessary to replicate the launch event more than once, in different countries and locations. These are events to be organised in detail.

Over the years, we successfully overcame the difficulties of “touring” an event all over Europe. We know how to develop a launch event format that is even possible to replicate in different cities if needed.

Replicable launch event

We take care to elaborate an original concept, respecting the values, the image of the company and the characteristics of the new product. Our agency deals with every aspect of the event, so we are the only one referent the company has when planning the product launch.

Every event has its own schedule that usually include: guest welcoming and registration, lunch or dinner (whether it is seated or buffet), emotional moments, management’s speachees, surprising product revelation, live entertainment, gifts and greetings.

Product launch events

Product demonstrations

Right after the new product reveal, the launch events can also include a product demonstration. We work closely with the company to design a special moment and leave guests with an unforgettable memory of the event.

Interesting to say is that technology introduces a lot of new possibilities even for virtual product demonstrations. We use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to let guests experience the product, manipulate it and truly connect with it. VR technology is making progress everyday and it is something people are curious and enthusiastic about, your guests won’t miss the opportunity to try it at your event!

Multi-day corporate events

A weekend-long meeting with the international distributors, sales managers or retailers is something engineering companies do at least once a year. It is necessary to coordinate the company’s next strategies, share values and information and get to know new members.

These kinds of multi-day corporate events need careful planning, making sure guests are always cared for and supported. Our staff can help engineering companies in the planning by organising a strict schedule, taking care of every transfer and meal that is needed and providing the best entertainment.

Hotel customization and guests registration

With a portfolio of hundreds of locations spread all around Europe, we can lead your company to the best ones for your corporate event and also customize them with your logo and colors just for the occasion.

During the event, our welcome staff takes care of greeting your guests and registering every participant in a CRM platform. All the data will be available for the company’s management for a future use.

Customization and registration

Exhibition stands

Participating in the main international trade shows like Eima, Bauma, Agritechnica, Intermat, Sima is a crucial occasion to meet clients and prospect in-person, but also competitors and local distributors. It is important to stand out and be noticed, we can help companies achieve these goals with the design of a custom-made exhibition stand.

Our designs are unique and modern, always reflecting the company’s value, image and colors. Once defined the concept and the 3D prototype of the stand we can also make it virtual, meaning we can provide a virtual replica always available online.

Kohler Exhibition Stand

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