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Live communication events for the motor industry

Live communication events can really make a difference in the relationship between brands and clients or prospects. However, their success depends on careful planning. In our 25+ years of experience in the automotive industry we’ve tried and tested several event formats proven to create the traction and loyalty needed to reach business and marketing goals.


Planning a traveling roadshow offers an important pre-sale opportunity for the motor industry. It consists of touring a static car to visit as many dealerships as possible in a limited period of time. The display offers guests an exclusive opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new model without the need to attend a car show, but with the same “world premier” feeling.

With as few as 3 new models our format can reach over 100 dealerships in a short period of time, maximizing exposure and sales opportunities. We outfit the dealership or showroom with a custom temporary setup that becomes a pop-up event on occasion of the new model. Logistics are everything with this format and we’ve perfected it down to an art.

Traveling roadshow in Europe

GT Tours

GT tours are an ideal experiential event for a brand’s top clients. With these kinds of tours we give clients the unique possibility of driving their own cars on road routes over a weekend or a special week.

All the routes are carefully planned and tailor-made to let guests experience wonderful and evocative landscapes. This way they are able to discover cities and territories as Italy or other European countries.

The tour provides an intimate opportunity to organise workshops, branded dinners, exclusive collateral activities and much more. Tours last for 3 – 5 days and guests are accompanied with pre-event registration, CRM integration, on-road assistance, 5 star hotels and curated meals along with full concierge services.

The GT tours offer guests the possibility to share their passion for driving in a community, with the added benefit of a fully planned luxury itinerary and scenic driving route that highlights their car’s performance.

Q&A with GT tour expert

Loyalty events

What is a loyalty event? We consider it any moment where your brand can reinforce a strong relationship and message to a client, prospect, executive or sales agent. Loyalty events are about delivering a memory that both excites and engages a guest to get the car and drive.

New model test drives, on-track driving experiences, scenic GT tours or exclusive circuit events are about having fun and improving driving performance while generating buzz and excitement for new models. Every single driving focused experience is enriched with professional drivers, car tuning, delicious meals, fun cocktail events and on-track car parades along with pop-up car displays and special VIP guest appearances.

In-Market launch events for new car models

Launches are a big deal, they represent the culmination of months or even years of research and design. We love rallying the community of car enthusiasts behind this achievement by organizing a launch that truly welcomes in a new era.

Creativity and collaboration are the basis for every launch event. We take our brief process to the next level and meet with the marketing department to understand the essence of the new model’s spirit and create a launch event that highlights the characteristics while wowing guests.

New car launch in London

Private previews and test-drives

Private previews and test-drives are special events we usually plan for a brand’s top clients. They can also be a good alternative to major launch events when repeated several times in different cities and venues.

An exclusive preview event allows brands to invite selected guests to enjoy the characteristics of a new prototype or to experience a test-drive on track. We take care of every detail providing logistical support, food and beverages, entertainment, decorations according to the brand’s image and reputation.

New car launch in 5 EU cities

VR and Augmented Reality

Live events have evolved. The latest technologies, like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, allow us to create an immersive world for guests to experience a custom-made 3D environment. We can make experiential marketing events truly memorable by developing a fully branded environment that guests can explore freely. For example, why not allow customers to visit off-limits areas of the factory?

VR headsets are now fully interactive and soon they’re going to be even more when responding to guests movements, gestures and facial expressions will be possible.

Including technology into live events is already a reality and we are willing to take this to the next level. Custom-made digital environments, live streaming, augmented reality give events a fresh spin and enrich them with more content.

VR events

Event agency for the automotive industry

Genius Progetti has been working with the automotive industry for 30 years. During this time, our experience with the industry’s needs and functioning has increased enormously, working, researching and experimenting in tons of different events. We now take charge of the entire production, planning and coordination of any occasion.

Our team works with some of the leading brands of Italian automotive industry that are internationally known and appreciated. We talk and coordinate with these luxury brands on a daily basis managing everything from venue selection, suppliers, concept to guest welcoming and accommodation.

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