How Virtual Reality is revolutionizing live and digital events

How Virtual Reality is revolutionizing live and digital events

How Virtual Reality is revolutionizing live and digital events

Virtual reality: the future of the events industry is now

Recently, technology has had a huge impact on people’s lives. Thanks to technology we’ve been able to keep our connections, meet and enjoy events even if only virtually.

Technology has opened lots of new and intriguing opportunities for our event production agency. We’ve already developed custom hybrid and digital event solutions using cloud platforms to ensure a high level of performance and engagement and now it’s time to move forward and embrace the future with Virtual Reality.

A new frontier for experiential marketing events

Virtual Reality opens up a whole new frontier for brands who are ready to take their virtual events to the next level.This is a unique tool and a unique opportunity for both live events and digital events to communicate in an active environment.

During live events, VR can easily upgrade the guests experience by providing a fictitious world or gaming situation to make any content interactive. Compat 2D fatigue in your digital events by giving participants a new dimension to engage with and immerse themselves in your brand’s world.

Experiential marketing events

The impact of VR on live events

Live events aren’t gone forever, they’ve just evolved. By following the right guidelines and protocols there’s no reason to avoid in-persons events. Our team successfully faced the challenge of planning and coordinating “socially distanced events” for selected guests over the past year with event formats from Roadshows to new product launches throughout Europe. Now we are evolving this format with VR.

Virtual Reality allows us to create a whole new world immersive world for guests projecting them into a custom-made 3D environment.

This tech gives us the opportunity to plan new and amazing situations that make experiential marketing events truly a memorable experience. For example: let clients visit places in your factory that are normally off-limits, take them inside of a machine or a product or take them to a new landscape… like Mars, to hold that business meeting.

In VR you can let your creativity take you anywhere without the limits of time, place and budget.

The impact of VR on digital events

2D digital events are suffering from reduced participation and one of the major concerns of event planners is keeping engagement up. VR give virtual that fresh spin and the tech is continually improving. Headsets are now fully interactive gaming consoles and events can have a “choose your own adventure” appeal. New advancements are making facial recognition and two way live interaction possible and we only expect this tech to continue on its path to sophistication until it fully replaces in-person as a communication method.

The ability to interact in a 3D environment that responds to guests movements, gestures and facial expressions is the next frontier in the not so distant future.

Is Virtual Reality cost effective?

VR technology is much more cost effective than you may realise. Both production costs and hardware costs have come down exponentially in the last few years making this a cost effective addition to any marketing budget.

Really you can’t afford to not take advantage of this avant-garde technology, and what better time than now? Contact Genius Progetti to book a brief meeting to hear about how our VR solutions could be integrated into your event concept.

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