Advantages of hybrid and virtual events in a time of crisis

The advantages of hybrid and virtual events in a time of crisis

The advantages of hybrid and virtual events in a time of crisis

How does a virtual event work?

A virtual event is an occasion where people gather together in a common online environment, so they are physically distant but sharing the same online experience. The virtual event industry has been a reality for many years, but this time of crisis really made online events popular and appreciated by people. We can’t deny, this has been a moment of glory for the industry.

With lots of international events being cancelled, marketing managers have to find new and creative ways to get in touch with clients, prospects, distributors, dealers, partners… and virtual events are a good alternative.

How to organize a digital event

Genius Progetti created a task force dedicated to virtual events. Our goal was to find the answer to questions like: how do you make a virtual event fun? How to get the same level of engagement of an in-presence event on the web?

This is how we developed a hybrid event solution: IN | GENIUS. IN | GENIUS mixes the best features of a digital corporate event with a “reward” system that participants unlock as they interact in the event. Everything is supported by a powerful cloud platform that can host thousands of participants at the same time.

What kind of new possibilities do virtual events open for the brands?

We strongly believe that phygital meetings will be part of our future: they allow us to combine face-to-face gatherings with digital networking, helping to save time and decrease travel. With this kind of technology, it is possible to successfully transfer and create presentations and launches of new products completely online. For the occasion, we can create a custom and different content for each and every one of your audiences: top clients, prospects or new targets. The annual corporate convention with international distributors or the annual dealers meeting can be transformed into an engaging in-streaming conference including some live shows that break the routine and offer great entertainment to the participants.

The advantages of planning a hybrid digital event like IN | GENIUS

1. Participants are invited to register on a branded online platform through a personalized link that they receive directly from the site designed for the event. These data can be used by the brand as a real database from which to manage every aspect of the event. During the registration process, the participants’ personal data are collected in compliance with the GDPR legislation and each receives their own login credentials.

2. Digital events like IN | GENIUS allow you to measure and track the participation of every single person who intervenes virtually and reward them as a thank you with special tailor-made contents.

3. Organization and production costs are significantly reduced because it will not be necessary to rent any space for the event, nor to provide for the arrival or accommodation of guests.

4. To stimulate participation, in addition to the rewards and prizes available, there is the #StayinGeniusBox, a kit containing gadgets, T-shirts and information material that participants are happy to receive and use during the online experience.

5. Online events allow you to create digital experiences, like a virtual exhibition stand, that are interactive, completely custom and always open. We are talking about your own branded space on the internet, more than a website, more like an immersive experience.

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