Socially distanced events: plan in-person events in a safe way

Socially distanced events: plan in-person events in a safe way

Socially distanced events: plan in-person events in a safe way

Covid 19 has forced us to completely revolutionize the way we approach safety and security when people come together. Anyway, organizing great events is still possible following all the government regulations. We are talking about socially distanced events.

Planning events during Covid-19 emergency

What really connects people to brands are real live moments, memories and experiences. In short, everyone loves to feel part of something special: this is the basis of experiential marketing. However, all the restrictions imposed by Covid 19 emergency have forced us to reinvent the way we plan and take part in corporate events.

That is why our team developed new event formats like IN | GENIUS, a hybrid digital event suitable for any occasions: launch events, virtual exhibitions, conferences, press releases, corporate meetings and so on.

Express social responsibility with socially distanced corporate events

We learned that virtual events are a great alternative to keep in touch with clients, distributors and suppliers. What we also learned was how to plan in-person events in a safe way and now that we know there is no way for not doing it.

With socially distanced events, brands do not have to wait for things to go back to normal. Moreover, it is a perfect way to express the brand’s social responsibility. Following the standard measures of mask wearing, hand sanitising, distancing between participants and regular temperature checks is actually appreciated by the event guests and reflects well on the brand for doing their due diligence.

The format of a socially distanced event

In a socially distanced event people have to follow all the standard measures required by law: wearing a mask, sanitize hands frequently, keep at least one meter distance from the other participants, checking temperature before entering the venue. Beside this, we have created the new role of “Covid 19 Safety Officer” whose duty is to ensure that all participants are following the rules for the safety of everyone. It is a neutral figure that steps in and politely reminds people that these rules must be followed in order to be present at the event.

Also, the buffet corner is managed by a waiter wearing a mask and gloves who personally serves each guest.

Respecting social distancing at events: the example of automotive industry

It is difficult to replicate all types of in-person marketing activations through virtual conferences or digital events. People are tired of being behind a screen and want to be part of a live moment.

Take the automotive industry, it is impossible to test drive a new vehicle “virtually”. As experts in the field, we managed to adapt our complex car roadshow tours, client test drive events and new model launch events to safe in-person events. Which means frequent sanitizing of the new models along with social distancing. None of these extra steps take away anything from the test drive experience but they do ensure that prospects are safe and that all government regulations are being met.

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