Mini traveling roadshow in Europe respecting social distancing

Mini traveling roadshow in Europe

Mini traveling roadshow in Europe

Plan a traveling roadshow offers an important pre-sales opportunity for the motor industry respecting social distancing. Is the perfect alternative to car shows of 2021 that may be postponed or cancelled.

Static car display roadshow respecting social distancing

With so many car shows at risk, 2021 will not be an easy year for automotive industries. Not being able to display the new prototypes in front of media, dealers and influencers, car brands are looking for alternative events that respect social distance regulations.

The roadshow-style private preview allows an automotive brand to “tour” a new product to lots of showrooms months before the actual demo cars are available. We have perfected the fine art of a travelling in-dealership static car display to be fully respectful of all the regulations recommended to prevent Covid-19 from spreading.

What does a socially distanced roadshow consist of?

This type of event consists of touring the car prototypes to visit as many dealerships, showrooms or distributors as possible. The new model stays in the showroom for a limited period of time and will be the center of attention of a limited number of invite-only guests of your choice: prospects, media, influencers, vips.

The display offers guests an exclusive private preview and enables the sales team an important pre-sale opportunity. Moreover, this temporary exhibit is also the perfect backdrop for private preview cocktails and client hosting micro-events.

A micro-event to reach a wide audience while limiting the number of guests

This kind of traveling roadshow is thought to make the most of your resources. With just 3 car prototypes we can reach up to 70 dealerships months before the demo cars are even produced. The car stays at the showroom for a few days involving small groups of people for a private viewing three times a day: in the morning, in the afternoon and at an evening cocktail.

Our team will take care of everything from setting-up the display area to the cocktail reception.

Exclusive in-dealership display kit

We have developed a “display kit” including a photo wall backdrop, a lounge area, a led wall and presentation area, umbrella lighting, audio and video set up, and reception desk. Our team coordinates with the dealer to plan a specific layout and the preferred set up location for the temporary display. So, when the set up staff arrives they have a clear idea of exactly what needs to be done. Set-up and take down are fast, after the end of one private viewing, the display is already on its way to the next dealership.

After several days/weeks the “kit” is disassembled and moves on along the tour to the next distributor or showroom. Several prototypes can hit hundreds of showroom locations throughout Europe in a brief period of time.

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