Experiential marketing and the customer experience

Experiential marketing and the customer experience

Experiential marketing and the customer experience

What is experiential marketing?

For those who don’t know, experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that includes a direct interaction between companies and customers through a meaningful brand experience. Customers are invited or encouraged to participate in memorable brand events and happenings that are custom-made for them by the brand. This allows to create connections between the brand and its customers, fans and prospects.

Experiential marketing and covid-19

Although experiential marketing was born as an in-person activity through creativity and technology it perfectly lends itself to a digital experience. And where restrictions permit experiential events can still be in-person while following Covid 19 protocols to ensure they are safe and still entertaining and interesting for guests.

In a socially distanced event, event organisers ensure that all safety standards are followed such as mask wearing, hand sanitisation, proper personal distance, temperature check at entrance, open spaces, dedicated entrances and exits, plexiglass separators for sit-down meals and if necessary reduced number of participants.

Experiential marketing for the automotive industry

Socially distanced events are a perfect way to express the brand’s social responsibility. Participants appreciate safety regulations so they can relax and enjoy the event not to mention that it reflects well on the brand for doing their due diligence.

We are experts in planning experiential events for luxury car brands and have adapted our test-drive events for Covid-19 regulations in a number of ways including a dedicated Covid19 safety officer and a complete sanitization of the new model vehicle being test driven between each and every test drive.

How experiential marketing helps in the positioning of a brand

When talking about experiential marketing it is all about the customer experience and emotions. Physical and interactive experiences are used to reinforce the offer, the message and the value related to a specific product or service making customers feel as if they are part of them.

This mechanism is a huge sales driver, but it requires some planning and the help of an expert who can directly work with the brand’s marketing department.

Experiential marketing agency

Genius Progetti can help your brand connect with fans, clients and prospects from all over the world. We are experienced planners of international roadshows and major events in the best venues throughout Europe.

Our team of skilled professionals are constantly evolving and adapting to the latest trends of event planning and engaging marketing. We recently developed IN | GENIUS, a phygital event that merges the best virtual experience with an engaging offline kit custom made for each participant. Planning in-person experiential events is still possible so don’t limit your marketing mix unnecessarily. With the right event preparation your experiential marketing initiatives can be safe and contribute to the relationship you have with your clients at a time when positive, memorable experiences are always a plus.

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