How to emphasize the brand with an event concept design

Event concept design: how to emphasize the brand

Event concept design: how to emphasize the brand

In Genius Progetti the development of the concept of each event is entrusted to a creative team to propose innovative solutions, totally customized.

Concept design for corporate events

When we are in charge of organizing a corporate event, our working method is divided into two phases: the first involves a meeting with the client to learn about the company and define available budgets, number of guests, occasion of the event.

Then, a detailed brief is drawn up which collects and rationalizes all this main information. It is in the second phase that our creative team and expert project managers take care of the
design of a concept able to enhance the brand on that particular occasion.

Custom concept for your event

Designing the concept of an event means defining its fundamental elements. From the colors to the shapes to the typographic characters used, everything must respect the essence of the brand and the image it wants to communicate to its guests.

Luxury? Color? Power? Energy? Technology? Game? Each of these themes can be the starting point for the development of a custom concept. The best way to enhance the brand is to create one that reflects and highlights one or more characteristics that distinguish it from competitors.

Creation of original event concepts

This process requires great creativity and for this reason, as already mentioned, it is usually our team that offers the client an original concept for his event. Our experience ranges from the concept design of exhibition stands to the concept design of large productions for VIP events throughout Europe.

Once the concept is defined, the “visual” development of the event begins. Using 3D renderings, we shape the fittings, the furnishings and any other necessary element. The solutions we offer to our customers are unique, personalized, tailored for the occasion.

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