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How to organise annual dealer meeting online

How to organise annual dealer meeting online

If your company is international, then you have global dealers and partners spread all over the world and most likely several international headquarters. The annual meeting is an important moment to share business goals, results and align the team for the year ahead.

Planning online meetings

Annual meetings are a key moment to get teams to focus on the next big steps of the company, share successes and new product developments. The Coronavirus crisis has made it difficult to meet with international partners, but not impossible. Contact our team to discover our micro event solutions and hybrid event solutions for small groups of management, clients, prospects or distributors.

If an in-person, hybrid or phygital event is out of the question, Genius Progetti can help your brand shorten distances with dealers and partners using technology with our virtual event solutions. Virtual events have become widely popular this year. Social distancing has made travel difficult but hasn’t erased the need to connect, share information and organise a team.


Bring your annual dealer meeting online

Online events and virtual conferences have a number of benefits such as participation tracking, live Q&A sessions, private conference and discussion rooms, the ability to live stream public product demos and even rewarding participants for their involvement.

Among our team are virtual event managers and experts who can manage your virtual conference online from beginning to end making organisation seamless. The key is in making an online meeting as engaging, productive and fun as a traditional in-person meeting. This is why we developed IN | GENIUS, a hybrid alternative that includes all our know-how acquired in 25 years of operational and events management, mixing the best of both worlds.

How to organise a successful online meeting

For a successful online meeting you’ll need to rely on a powerful cloud platform which allows you to host many participants online at the same time while keeping the quality of the connection intact. Content development and the virtual conference format should be personalised for your brand to create a fully immersive experience.

Relying on an experienced event agency is the only way to host a successful virtual meeting where all international stakeholders are involved. Our professional team can support you in delivering your business objectives by ensuring that all technical, creative and organisational aspects of the virtual conference are managed.

Online dealer meetings with IN | GENIUS

The IN | GENIUS format is the phygital solution that makes online virtual conferences and dealer meetings the event of the future. From holographic models of new products to live demos and in-person gifts for each participant, we help your brand stand out from just another online event.

Our aim is to replicate the experience your dealers, distributors and partners have at in-person live events through breakout sessions, Q & As, chat rooms and the possibility to privately connect with all the participants. Discover our tangible custom kit, the #StayinGeniusBox which every registered participant receives directly at home making our phygital events truly interactive.

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