How to organize an exclusive 24-hour event

How to organize an exclusive 24-hour event

How to organize an exclusive 24-hour event

Experience a luxury 24-hour event

Is it possible to have a luxury experience lasting up to 24 hours?
Sure, and it happens very often. It happens that international-level brands invite customers to join them for short-lived but value-laden events.

Organizing events that begin and end in a single day is not trivial. When times are so tight, everything has to be planned in detail and closely monitored by event managers on-field.

Our know-how, gained in luxury sectors such as the automotive one, allows us to know the guest’s needs at this kind of event and how to satisfy them. We have had proof of this during the one-day experiences organized in Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland.

What to organize for a one day event

Our team plans each activity and takes care of guests completely by offering all the necessary support throughout the day. At that moment, we are the face of the brand and as such we pamper and value every customer.

We aim to offer an experience out of the ordinary: 24 hours of fun, sport and culture in iconic locations. Often they are not open to the public or are reserved exclusively for the event.

Part of the experience and its exclusivity consists in participating in something unique, original and non-repeatable. Even when dealing with numerous guests, we divide them into small groups that do not exceed 15 people per day. Thus, a sense of community is created which increases engagement

How an exclusive 24-hour event signed by Genius Progetti takes place

The day begins with the welcome and registration of guests, and the delivery of a welcome kit. The group then moves on to the first activity. It could be a road trip driving their own supercars. In this case, all participants in the event are equipped with GPS with an already established route to follow and are accompanied by event managers and technicians ready to solve any problems with the cars.

The tour ends in a prestigious location for lunch. Instead, the afternoon activities are dedicated to discovering local culture according to what that particular territory has to offer. We have the ability to customize the program by making the most out of the territory’s potential.

Each day-event ends with a dinner in a selected structure choosen for the occasion.

Why choose to organize a 24-hour event

Every brand knows that the availability of its customers to participate in events and experiences, however captivating, is limited. Choosing to organize a 24-hour event that develops during the week, not only the weekend, allows them to collect more subscriptions. A great advantage is also the ease of replicating the experience with many groups of people and in different territories.

For their customers, 24 hours is a short break from everyday life, for brands an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with a certain audience by linking it to positive and unforgettable memories.

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