Branded experience for the top clients: our Tours in Europe

Branded experience for the top clients: our Tours in Europe

Branded experience for the top clients: our Tours in Europe

The client

Famous Italian manufacturer of sports cars that excel in innovation, technology, driving pleasure and design. Also known for its success in Formula 1.




Several countries in Europe

The Tour format

The Tour format is meant to offer top clients a special experience custom-designed to appreciate the best driving adventure on their own cars. These Tours allow guests to discover the territory through engaging experiences on the road and exclusive stays in luxury locations.

There are two kinds of Tours: the “gran turismo” a lifestyle travel that aims to give participants a unique life experience without worrying about organizing the trip, the “sport” allows guests to test their vehicles on international circuits located along the route of the Tour.

Interview with the expert

Support and guidance from our staff

Participants enjoy a weekend-long vacation where everything is already planned for them: routes, pit-stops, lunches, dinners, hotel stays, extra activities.

There is a technical team and a support team following and leading the group, about 20 cars each, all day long.

Guests receive driving advice to fully appreciate their cars, professional guidance during sightseeing and visits, mechanical support, and enjoy a 24h concierge service.

The ones who cannot travel to the starting point of the Tour with their own car are given the opportunity to see their vehicle be withdrawn and delivered to the first stage of the Tour.

Everything is taken care of by the brand, our client, and managed by our staff on site.

Fully branded experience

The entire event has a great impact in strengthening the connection between the participants and the brand. Each convivial experience is personalized both in design and in the menu, without distorting the aesthetics and essence of the locations, up to the choice of decorations, all done with extreme care.

Locations are carefully selected by our staff. We always look for a comfortable environment and a very high level of service, something with an intrinsic personality that binds with the concept of the event.

Our latest GT Tours

Our latest GT Tours took place all around Europe. We designed and planned 5 tours in 5 different destinations: Langhe (Piedmont), the Black Forest (Germany), Umbria (Italy), Bath (England) and Andalusia (Spain).

For the entire duration of the Tours, from April to November, we managed to respect all the regulations about Covid-19 we found in each country. Despite the restrictions, we successfully concluded all the events offering guests a luxury branded experience.

Our latest Sport Tour

The latest Sport Tour was in Belgium on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. The group was led at the circuit and spent Friday afternoon and the whole Sunday having fun on the track. The opportunity to fully appreciate the power and energy of their own cars in a safe environment was the best moment of the event for all the participants.

Guests were able to challenge themselves in timed track laps, experience the atmosphere of the paddock and the adrenalinic feeling of driving on an F1 circuit.

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