Dynamic roadshow in Europe: 9 months of exclusive events on tour

Dynamic roadshow in Europe: 9 months of exclusive events on tour

Dynamic roadshow in Europe: 9 months of exclusive events on tour

The client

Famous Italian manufacturer of sports cars that excel in innovation, technology, driving pleasure and design. Also known for its success in Formula 1.


Dynamic roadshow


Several countries in Europe

Dynamic roadshow format

The dynamic roadshow is a traveling event format that allows brands to bring a new product on tour reaching every key market they are interested in. We deal with our client’s roadshow events since the beginning of the relationship.

What we care for is to bring its newest car models on tour in Europe and Italy for months following every move of the car and being present with our staff on every event planned along the way.

More than 60 stages across Europe

Basically, with two car models available we were able to reach more than 60 showrooms and dealers across Europe. Every stop lasted no more than 3 days but always included some mini-events, fully planned and coordinated by our staff on-site. Installing and dismantling every element needed for the event was also our responsibility. Same for transfering the cars from a dealer to another and making sure of their safety.

Over the years, we gradually evolved the event format to include new and innovative technologies, experiences, and details. In the dynamic roadshow, we have included the opportunity for the public to hop on the car and participate in a test drive on the road.

Opportunities for guests and brand dealers

Clients and prospects were able to test the car with the support of professional drivers giving them tips about performance, security on the road, mechanics, and driving experience. Everyone also had the opportunity to discover the car’s characteristics during a quick brief.

Dealers, on the other hand, had a special pre-sale opportunity with their top clients and prospects. Such a level of engagement helped a lot to confirm sales and strengthen the relationship between the clients and the brand.

A special and safe experience

In our latest dynamic roadshow, between March and December, we had almost 60 test drives a day. Guests were welcomed by our staff and quickly briefed, then it was time to jump on the cars and drive. An engaging and fun experience, completed with a buffet of gourmet foods and drinks.

The events took place during the pandemic. However, safety regulations didn’t stop our plans. We made sure to comply with the regulations in force in each country, sanitize the cars after each test drive and everything was managed by our Covid-19 Safety Officer present at the event.

Take a look at the car reveal show

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