Sport driving tour in Europe for top clients of an automotive brand

Exclusive sport driving tour in Europe for top clients of an automotive brand

Exclusive sport driving tour in Europe for top clients of an automotive brand

The client

Famous Italian manufacturer of sports cars that excel in innovation, technology, driving pleasure and design.


GT Tour in Europe


Umbria, Italy – Andalusia, Spain

The luxury tour in Europe on sport cars

The dream of every motor lover is to live a real new experience in which adrenaline and driving pleasure blend with luxury and elegance.
Engaging activities, exclusive venues, and beautiful views on board your car. All in perfect Genius Progetti style, as we like to say.

Whether in Italy or Europe, the tour offers the opportunity to discover beautiful places through a series of exclusive driving events designed for customers of the prestigious automotive brand.

Special events for unforgettable experiences

Customers are the real protagonists of these tailor-made events on board their car, with the support and assistance of professional drivers, instructors, and our staff. Tours generally last three days, but we can adapt them according to different necessities.

During this journey through villages and cities of European countries, Genius Progetti organizes individual moments with attention to every detail:

  • routes,
  • pit stops, lunches and dinners in secret venues,
  • accommodations,
  • exclusive activities.

Step by step, the tour will take you inside the territory and its authenticity.

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Live an exciting side experience

With the possibility of expanding the knowledge of their car, through the advice of specialized technical instructors, each guest can encounter memorable driving moments and experiences otherwise inaccessible without the support of an event production agency like Genius Progetti.

As we like to remember, in fact, our mission is the planning of events in the style of “Money can’t buy” philosophy. Some examples? An exciting bullfighting lesson. In Andalusia, we organized a car tour with a visit to a Spanish arena and a bullfighting class with a famous bullfighter. A unique experience to get to know the territory and its ancient traditions.

Car test and discovery of exclusive locations

The choice of the roads involves scenic and exciting routes where the goal is to maximize the car’s performance. In addition to offering an extraordinary landscape view, we offer customers various experiences to increase the technique without sacrificing adrenaline. In this case, Italy is the perfect place.

Once the clients get off their cars, their journey continues with the discovery of places often inaccessible to the public, and special dinners set up in alternative and decontextualized venues to give relaxing moments and unforgettable memories.

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Our mission is to realize your ideas and goals taking care of every detail.
Let us take care of the concept and design of your special events or your exhibition stands.

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