“GENIUS Philosophy”: our way to organize tailor-made events

Presenting the “GENIUS Philosophy”: our way to organize live communication and tailor-made events

Presenting the “GENIUS Philosophy”: our way to organize live communication and tailor-made events

It’s not what we do, it’s what we do differently

Our way of organizing live communication and tailor-made events is unique. More than 25 years of experience allow us to fully understand the mechanisms of the event industry, foresee the unexpected, and include innovation in every event we produce and manage.

What do we do differently? Thinking about it, we have developed an official philosophy we apply to every project. Here it is the “GENIUS philosophy”.

General Management

A turnkey approach, meaning we can deliver a complete and well-coordinated management approach when organizing and managing events.
Our events can be fully managed from start to finish, and every detail is taken care of. We are the only contact for the main sponsor of the event, our client. Managing timings, suppliers, and guests is up to us. We have a group of 20 professionals, each with an area of expertise, specifically dedicated to planning every single detail of the event. This is how our productions come to life.


When planning an event, entertainment plays a huge role. We focus on offering engaging, uncommon, and high-quality entertainment to all the guests at the party. Over the years, our entertainment projects have involved famous singers and musicians, artists, and innovative technologies. Any performance is totally personalized according to the theme and style of the event. Plus, even music is adapted and customized if the event atmosphere requires it.


We are always focused on exceeding our client expectations. We want every event we take part in to go above and beyond the previous one. We never stop experimenting and adding details that can really make a difference. Successful events are the ones that put a smile on every guest, impress people, and fix our client’s brand in their minds. Often, our clients and their guests are accustomed to luxury, fine art, and fine dining. It is only by mixing these things up or by providing them in a unique setting that we can create a lasting memory.


We are outliers when it comes to thinking outside the box and staying up to date with the latest social trends from around the world. This is something we really look at when planning events, dinners, and tours, always searching for a way to include innovation in our projects. Also, we love to mix arts, fine dining and tech to create a show, an atmosphere, or a strategic moment that will amaze, surprise, and entertain guests as nothing has done before.


Each and every event we are assigned to is tailor-made according to the necessities, style, and values of our client, starting with a fitting location. No event is ever repeated the same way. We have an extensive database of locations we can consult to find the right fit for every request. Once the location is set, we find a unique and bespoke interpretation to transform it into something fitting to the leitmotif of the event.


As Genius Progetti, we too are concerned about the sustainability of modern lifestyle and act to reduce our impact. We recently obtained the ISO 20121 certification: the international standard for sustainable event management. Also, we are an ESG compliant company with the aim to spread the culture of sustainability through operational and management choices.

Shortly, “GENIUS” represents a management approach that integrates entertainment, innovation, uniqueness, and sustainability to offer events of the highest quality and beyond expectations.

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