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Q&A with Alessio: the characteristics of a successful stand design

Q&A with Alessio: the characteristics of a successful stand design

Custom design for exhibition stands

The Genius Progetti team is made up of different professionals who work in synergy with each other to create unforgettable experiences that bring our customers closer to their audience. A fundamental role is that of design, both in events and in the design of exhibition stands.

In particular, that of international trade fairs and exhibitions is a competitive sector where brands have a unique opportunity to get noticed and convey messages that identify them. They rely on us to create a custom-designed exhibition stand that sets them apart from competitors.

Alessio Gaido, Creative Director of Genius Progetti

The design of each stand is entrusted to Alessio, Creative Director of the Genius Progetti team, a true professional in the sector with years of experience behind him. Over time he has become a fundamental reference figure for the company’s business.

We asked Alessio some questions. Let’s find out with him how the project for a stand design develops, from the briefing with the customer to the set up at the fair, and what are the characteristics of a successful stand design.

Can you tell us more about your role and your story within Genius Progetti?

“I graduated in 2000 from the Institute for Artistic Industries of Faenza in Industrial Design, in the Furniture Design area. After a series of freelance jobs, in 2001 I joined Genius Progetti with the role of junior executive. In the following years, thanks to the numerous successes, I became the project manager and now I cover the role of Creative Director. Passionate about design, furniture, photography and graphics, I produce and carry out most of the projects.”

How does Genius Progetti develop the design of an exhibition stand?

“The first fundamental step is the briefing with the client. From here comes an idea, a shock, few elements are enough to give the input. At this point the work proceeds step by step in close contact with the client. The idea is adapted to the volumetric needs and spaces, taking into account every aspect. Finally, the photorealistic and three-dimensional visualization precedes the actual prototyping and construction phase of the stand. So, the project is ready to be fully experienced.”

What are the main features to design for an exhibition stand?

” In an exhibition area, everything must be studied in detail. From the utility area that must be functional and integrate perfectly into the design, to product support, up to lights and multimedia supports. All the elements are studied in such a way as to enhance the client: his image, his values, his colors, his characteristics.”

What are the characteristics of a successful stand design?

“When all the elements collide in unique harmony and coherence, the project has fulfilled its function. We study every detail together with the client, from the best visit routes to the lighting needs to enhance products and details. Colors are also of fundamental importance: a strong chromatic connotation in accordance with the brand’s colors allows the stand to be immediately recognizable by customers and prospects.”

Why do brands need a professional exhibition stand designer?

“In the field of international exhibitions and events, image is fundamental. Trade shows are overloaded with often confusing or badly designed messages. It is necessary to rely on a professional figure, such as a designer, in order not to waste the opportunity to emerge. Each event is an opportunity for the brand to express a concept, to appear, to be talked about, to link a positive message to its name.”

With Covid-19, exhibitions went online, can you tell us about virtual stands?

“After the cancellation of many in-person events, the virtual experience has gradually developed more and more. Genius Progetti also had to reinvent itself to continue to offer its customers cutting edge digital solutions, essential for keeping in touch with their audience. It is to meet the visibility and marketing needs that today we are able to offer our clients the development of virtual stands: a completely online project able to perfectly follow a traditional exhibition event. Through a dedicated platform it is possible to visit the stand, participate in streaming events and share content with other visitors in complete safety.”

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