Organise corporate meetings in Italy for customers, partners, distributors

Organise corporate meetings in Italy for your customers, sales partners or distributors

Organise corporate meetings in Italy for your customers, sales partners or distributors

Is your brand thinking about organising a corporate meeting in Italy? Here are a few suggestions for careful planning.

Planning corporate meetings in Italy

Having a local professional will make organising a corporate meeting in Italy easier. This will most likely be an event planner or event agency that can read over the venue contract, organise suppliers and load-in requirements and prepare the project plan.

As an Italian live communication agency based in Sassuolo, Emilia-Romagna, we offer these professional services for corporate meetings from large-scale events to travelling roadshow micro-events.

What makes a meeting successful?

Corporate meetings don’t have to be boring or tiresome affairs, they are an excellent opportunity to create community, bring a team on-board with a new vision, communally share successes and deliver a vision for the future. Careful planning is key for a successful meeting that will engage your customers, sales partners and distributors and content and organisation are key in pulling the whole meeting concept together.

In this guide we’re going to look at tips for a larger scale meeting that involves an off-site meeting venue such as a convention spaces or unconventional meeting space and one that involves a multi-day program with collateral activity aspects.

The planning approach

Like all corporate events, a corporate meetings should take into consideration as many variables as possible to leave nothing to chance and ensure that participants are guided through the best experience possible.

Corporate meetings have transformative power to really define your brand and motivate your team towards accomplishing their goals. As an expert event agency, Genius Progetti approaches this moment so that the content and format really speak to your guests.

Before you begin planning we suggest the development of an event brief where you lay out your objectives for the meeting and target audience. What do you hope to accomplish by bringing this group of people together? What is the overall message you want to convey?

Are you launching a new product? Entering a new era of the business? Or Going through a difficult moment of restructuring?

How should corporate meetings be arranged?

Depending on your goals the schedule, location, atmosphere, speakers, content and duration of your corporate meeting will change and all aspects are important in creating a successful corporate meeting that fulfils its objectives.

Identifying your target or targets is also critical. Is this meeting for management and staff, external distributors or sales teams or clients? Each one of these categories will have different needs and expectations about the event and your brand.

Aspects to consider for a successful corporate meeting

The following aspects to consider are helpful in creating the event brief to outline the objectives and target of the meeting. From here you can contact Genius Progetti and see how we can take your brief to reality.

1. Meeting Objective

Setting precise objectives is the first step to start a correct planning of the event. The purpose of the event must be clear from the start.

2. Target Group

Knowing the expectations and needs of the target of the event, of the guests who will therefore participate, is another crucial detail.

3. Theme or Concept

Designing an original theme or concept to be used as the leitmotif of the entire event will make it easier to choose decorations, entertainment, lights, atmosphere for the evening.

4. Location and Atmosphere

The location alone is not enough, to create the right atmosphere and the right mood for the guests it is necessary to know how to dose decorations, music, lights.

5. Duration

The duration of the event is a very delicate variable: a too long event makes guests tired and bored, if on the other hand it is too short, the risks is to not being remembered.

6. Event App and Registration

Guests registration should be entrusted to staff dedicated to their reception. Alternatively, if an event app is created it should contain a section for registration.

7. Guest Speakers

A moment dedicated to speeches is always appreciated by guests. It is possible to organize both management speeches or external guests speaker, someone influential in that particular sector.

8. Content and Flow

The content of the event must be carefully planned by creating a schedule of each expected macro-moment. A detailed program will allow it to run smoothly.

9. Take Aways

When it’s time to say goodbye, offering a small gift to all participants is a way to make sure that the brand and the event are remembered also in the following days and weeks.

10. Measuring Success

The next day is the one dedicated to measuring the success of the event, it is also time to proceed with the sending of thanks for the participation to all guests.

These are our top ten suggestions on where to begin, of course a meeting must also take into consideration timing to ensure that the meeting days are not in conflict with national or regional holiday and of course the overall budget for the event.

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