10 tips to make your holiday an unforgettable experience

10 tips to make your holiday an unforgettable experience

10 tips to make your holiday an unforgettable experience

The Genius Progetti experience for unforgettable holidays

Our team is constantly on the move, always on the road to reach the destination of the next event. Over the years, we have become expert travelers and connoisseurs of the most iconic places, especially in Europe. Italy is our home, but by now even France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, have no secrets for us.

We have decided to share our experience with all the travelers who wish for more from their holiday: an unforgettable experience, like the one we offer to guests of Genius Progetti events.

The recommendations developed by our team

1. Immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions
Planning activities that allow you to get in touch with the stories of that particular geographical area is the best way to experience the culture, customs and traditions. True wealth will be visiting authentic places, sharing local customs and crossing doors not usually accessible to tourists.

2.Enjoy the taste of the territory
Do not consider lunch or dinner as moments of pause but as part of the experience. Choose each restaurant carefully, informing yourself about the cooking idea that the chef brings to the table. If there is a creative process that connects to the territory, which respects the seasonality and the culinary traditions of the place, then the restaurant is a perfect candidate to be lived as an experience and not as a simple break from the journey.

3. Search for a memorable gift
No travel can be concluded without first having searched for or created an object in memory of the best moments. A gift to take home that can become, once the experience is over, the starting point for an incredible memory to cherish and share.

4. Get lost, but with control
In organizing a trip it is necessary to leave a small percentage of “unplanned”. Being free to follow your intuition allows you to discover small wonders, explore the area without a precise destination, fully living in the moment. It is from this getting lost that the most unexpected encounters, the most unusual glimpses and the best memories often derive.

5. Connect with local artists
It is often said that creative people are the first ones to receive change, and custodian of long lost traditions. That’s why, in addition to visiting museums and cultural places where works are displayed, we recommend dialogue with those who created them. An exchange of ideas with the artists who passionately inhabit the area can inflame the imagination and suggest a new reading of the context in which one is traveling.

6. Pack appropriate clothing
Pack your bags only when the vacation plan is well defined. Knowing what awaits you and what the circumstances will be is essential to add that elegant garment for an evening at the theater or the boots suitable for the trekking route planned for the last day. If it’s not pleasant not to be elegant enough for an evening, being elegant when it’s not required can be even more embarrassing.

7.Use alternative means of transportation
Traveling is always a discovery, give yourself the time and the right means to fully enjoy it. For example, the subway blocks the view of the route, the car at speed does not allow a clear view of streets and places. A slow, alternative means of transport can change the way you visit and relive the city even in your memories.

8. A slow pace is the right one
Don’t get caught up in the fear of losing something. An unforgettable experience also hides behind the pace, and knowing how to give things the right amount of time. The secret is planning: making sure you have the necessary time to live every moment without haste and without sacrifices.

9. Don’t neglect rest
After a day of visits and activities, resting is really important. A peaceful sleep ritual can also be favored by some extra attention. It doesn’t take much: a perfume for the pillow, for example, helps to relax and can make the difference especially in the travellers who find it difficult to fall asleep in a bed other than their one at home.

10. Always smile, even in the face of unexpected events.
Despite careful planning, the unexpected is always around the corner. The important thing is not to get discouraged but to welcome unexpected moments and make the most of them too. Smile and irony will prove to be your best allies.

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