Re-working a timeless song in a modern key for a launch event

Re-working a timeless song in a modern key for a launch event

Re-working a timeless song in a modern key for a launch event

Personalize a launch event with music

A work of art is finished when all its parts harmoniously follow a precise direction. In Genius Progetti, the launch event of a new product is just like the birth of a new piece of art. Each element is conceived and created as part of a larger, tailor-made idea.

Music is one of those details that most characterizes an event. A personalized melody is able to touch the soul of those who listen to it, stimulating the senses through passion, thoughts, sensations, and emotions.

Tailor made design

On the occasion of the launch event for a well-known Italian car brand, we have devoted much attention to music. It was music that inspired the supercar designer when creating its lines, and it is on this key aspect that we chose to build the most emotional and personalized part of the event.

The goal was to give sound the task of completing the physical set-up, giving guests a 360 º experience, immersive and engaging.

The past, present and future of the brand mixed in music

A tailor-made launch event: this is exactly what we created for our client. The new composition played during the show-reveal of the new supercar is the result of an adaptation, in a modern key, of the song used during the car’s world premiere.


The task was given to three different artists from the music industry. Under the direction of Genius Progetti these people have collaborated to create a unique melody and actually connect the past, present and the future of the brand.

As told by Luca Longobardi (pianist, composer, sound-designer and multi-media artist), who oversaw the rewriting of the piece: “My concern was to make the piece heard almost in its entirety in the first part of the re-adaptation, and then preserve its essence in the original part which, in a crescendo of colors, prepares for the reveal.”

The real challenge was finding a balance between a dutiful respect for the original composition and the desire to innovate rhythm and sound in order to create something modern and avant-garde, exactly like the car.
Marco Rigamonti, producer/dj who was responsible for producing the electronic sound carpet, shares: “The intention was to ensure that the electronic base amalgamated in the best way with the real instruments, without making it the protagonist, emphasizing the rhythm as opposed to dense and lush synthetic bases to emphasize the harmony.”
The result was a real soundtrack that accompanied the moment of reveal.

You can listen to a section of the modern rework in the behind the scenes video linked above.

Not just music: showcase the brand personality for a tailor-made event

Attention to detail and a certain parallelism between the music and the characteristics of the brand have allowed us to go beyond the standards by creating a totally personalized event.

It is precisely starting from concepts related to music that a video installation was created for the event. Also conceived by Luca Longobardi and called “Phasing”, this art installation uses artificial intelligence technology to continuously reinterpret the landscapes of the Tuscan countryside, used by the brand for the official communication campaign. The term “Phasing” comes from the technique of writing minimalist music. The numerical proportions of this particular way of writing music have in fact been used to adjust the morphing between the images, all generated by artificial intelligence systems.

Attention to detail also lies in the most hidden ones, the core of our vision of a tailor-made event. Eleonora Montagnana, a classically trained violinist specializing in modern sounds, currently well known in the pop scene, has in fact inaugurated an innovative five-string electric violin with a particular and captivating design. “The presentation of such an elegant new car seemed to me the ideal occasion to inaugurate a completely original violin.”

From launch event to tailor-made experience

We knew that music, in this project, had the potential to transform the event into a tailor-made experience. With care and attention to detail, creativity and imagination, we have managed to fulfill our vision and make it a reality.

The new soundtrack conceived for the presentation of the car has in fact been very successful. The track, with its distinctive modern approach and creative arrangement, perfectly fitted the renewed lines of the supercar, enhancing and enriching them with meaning. The result? General enthusiasm and admiration from all guests.

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