Lombardini Marine by Kohler: stand design for Genoa Boat Show

Lombardini Marine by Kohler: stand design for Genoa International Boat Show

Lombardini Marine by Kohler: stand design for Genoa International Boat Show

The client

Lombardini Marine by Kohler is a company that designs and manufactures a wide range of engines for the marine industry, of maximum reliability and safety.


Concept and design of an exhibition stand


Genoa Boat Show

Realization of a stand on the pier of the Genoa Boat Show

When the Lombardini Marine by Kohler team contacted us to design and build a stand on the pier of the Genoa Boat Show, we were immediately excited. We have worked with them for a long time, but every project requires new studies and research to make the most of their engines.

Moreover, the further attractive aspect of this project was the need to transform a pre-existing marquee into a totally customized stand, in line with the company.

Kohler and Lombardini Marine: the perfect mix of the two business styles

However, the real challenge in designing this stand was to perfectly mix the style of Kohler with the Lombardini Marine ones, preserving the identity of the last one.

Lombardini Marine is a modern and highly experienced company in the sector of marine engines . Thanks to its experience, the company can apply the most advanced technology available to this sector. The idea, therefore, was to represent this know-how through the design of the stand.

Display functionality and clarity: the success of the stand

We created the stand concept in exclusivity for Lombardini Marine. According to the necessity of giving maximum functionality to the structure, our designers focused on some central aspects such as simplicity and exhibition clarity.

To create a connection with Kohler, we highlighted the characteristic details of the two companies by creating a perfect mix of colors and finishes. For the materials we have privileged metal and glass, able to give great brightness and contrasts between light and shade.

Custom stand with exhibition area

Being a stand designed for the Genoa Boat Show, we have created large and open exhibition spaces. The aim was to welcome visitors by making the most of the engines on display, also through the natural light and the typical breeze of the Ligurian city.

From design to construction, to dismantling, our team has taken care of every step, ensuring maximum reliability at every stage of the work.

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