Digital launch event: the World Premiere of Kohler Diesel KSD

Digital launch event: the World Premiere of Kohler Diesel KSD

Digital launch event: the World Premiere of Kohler Diesel KSD

The client

More than 100 years ago, Kohler began manufacturing engines and has constantly improved its products to help make life easier and more profitable for end-users around the globe. Today, the company offers an array of engines, these are supplied to equipment manufacturers worldwide for construction, agricultural, and garden industries.


Digital launch of a new product

Kohler Diesel KSD official product video

The online launch event of Kohler Engines

Kohler Engines is an international company where technology and innovation have always had a key role. Recently, we had the opportunity to support the company with a cutting-edge project fully respecting its innovative soul.

We planned, designed, and coordinated the digital launch of the new engine family Kohler Diesel KSD. The World Premiere took place online in November 2021 on a custom-made platform. Guests from all over the world logged into the platform, after registering, and were able to enjoy the show.

Concept and production of the digital event

Our team took care of everything: we developed the event creative concept, the custom-made online platform, the KSD World Premiere presentation video, and the official product video. The entire video of the launch event lasted 16 minutes and included the participation of the President, the Marketing Director, and the General Manager of Kohler Engines.

It was crucial to communicate the technological and innovative components of Kohler KSD, so we agreed with the company for a “total white” concept with 3D animations and augmented reality elements.

Video production with augmented reality and 3D animations

The World Premiere video was recorded using green screen. The storyboard was developed to allow speakers a dynamical interaction with graphics, infographics, and engine elements thanks to augmented reality.

The official product video had instead a “cinematic” cut, meant to bring guests to discover the key features of the new engine. The total white setting, the 3D animations, the light effects, and the zoom-in techniques allowed us to introduce Kohler KSD while enhancing its mechanical and technical characteristics.

A voiceover accompanies the video using emotional and impactful words and phrases until the engine is finally revealed.

Success and perspectives of digital events

The registration platform design followed the same concept as the videos. Graphic elements and a white background focused the guests’ attention and captured their imagination. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the event from their own offices or houses and appreciated the efforts of Kohler to create a digital event.

The success of this online launch event has confirmed to us that digital events are an undeniable reality, their popularity can only increase in the future.

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