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Planning a traveling roadshow represents an important pre-sale opportunity, a chance for many brands to get closer to their customers by reaching different cities and territories with a unique and exclusive event.

The roadshow event

The format of the roadshow event

The roadshow consists of touring a product in Italy or Europe, but also overseas, visiting different cities and territories within a few months. This traveling event format allows companies a preview presentation of their novelties, that is, before putting it into production or before opening sales campaigns, to their top clients or prospects by inviting them to an exclusive and unrepeatable event.

By having 2-3 samples or product demos, we can reach up to 70 different locations in just 3 months. The product remains in the designated location for a very limited period of time before moving on to the next stop.

Organization and logistics by Genius Progetti

A mini product presentation event is organized at each stop of the roadshow. Our team takes care of every organizational and logistical aspect. We will take care of creating a display kit suitable for displaying the product in each store, location or showroom that will be part of the tour. We also take care of the relationships with the necessary suppliers for each event such as catering, performers, welcome staff, models, presenters, photographers and videographers.

In addition, we take care of all the logistics, namely the planning of an itinerary and the transport of the product from one location to another during the roadshow.

Each stop is a unique and exclusive opportunity

Over the past few years, we have perfected the roadshow format down to the smallest detail. We know how to take any product on tour by adapting the event based on the characteristics, values, style and image that this and the company want to communicate.

Since the product remains in the location only for a limited period of time, each stop of the roadshow is unique and exclusive, capable of attracting the attention of customers, prospects, media and influencers. The roadshow perfectly responds to the objectives of a company that aims to create new pre-sales opportunities, involve new prospects or respond to the curiosity of its customers.

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