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The use of projection mapping in corporate events

The use of projection mapping in corporate events

When our team is called to organize a corporate event, amaze and excite guests is a fundamental part of the goal. During over 25 years of experience, we have had the opportunity to test countless forms of entertainment on the field. Projection mapping is one of these.

What is projection mapping

This is the projection of videos or images on internal or external surfaces, usually of large dimensions. Projection mapping is a type of entertainment that can be adapted to any context, it all depends on the project in progress, the budget available, the spaces of the location chosen for the occasion and the type of event.

This technology uses light to transform common surfaces into 3D screens, which are decidedly more interactive and appealing for guests. The possibilities are almost endless, it is possible to project simple images, such as the company logo, or particular colors and designs to real narratives.

Why use projection mapping in corporate events

The use of this technology in corporate events, especially large ones, is a creative and highly effective way to welcome guests. As well as to keep their level of attention high throughout the evening.

Genius Progetti coordinates an special A/V team to create tailor-made projects that integrate perfectly in the concept of the event and well represent the brand image on that particular occasion.

How to integrate video mapping into your event

Much appreciated is the projection of emotional videos that tell the story, the goals or the mission of the company. The ability of projection mapping to arouse emotions in the audience attending the show increases considerably if we use something unique as a projection surface.

For example, the facade of a historic building, a monument, the access road to the location of the actual event, or the cake that is the star of the evening finale.

Our video mapping projects

We were able to successfully integrate projection mapping into many events of our production. During the gala dinner of the Marca Corona 1741 we made an unique video for the projection onto the facade of the location where the event was held: Palazzo Ducale in Sassuolo. The goal was to amaze the guests as soon as they got there and emphasize the exclusivity of the location.

For the Graniti Fiandre event, we instead created a personalized video in which the most important moments for the company’s history were intertwined with the unforgettable moments of sport, pop culture and international politics.

Advantages of using projection mapping

Why choose projection mapping instead of using LED displays? Although these last ones are an excellent technology to show guests videos or emotional images, projection mapping has some significant advantages.

  • There is no need for flat surfaces as even surfaces with uneven surfaces do not create any image distortion.
  • The feeling is to look at 3D images, without the need for special glasses.
  • Transporting and installing LED panels is difficult and time-consuming, in the case of video mapping all you need is the projector.
  • Once the desired video or image sequence has been created, the project can be easily modified and reproduced in other locations on any type of surface.
  • The video mapping guarantees a “wow” effect without equal that it is difficult to replicate with other entertainment technologies such as LED screens or with customized shows.

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